Social Media Marketing Services in Singapore

Epic Media is a digital marketing company in Singapore offering various social media marketing services in Singapore. From social media management and advertising to influencer marketing and messenger automation, our experience team is here to help increase and engage your followers through a series of creative planning and execution process. Discover how we can help create a successful campaign for your company with our marketing strategies and software tools today!

Social Media Marketing Agency Singapore

Social Media Management

Epic Media help to manage your social media pages so you can focus on building your business. Our social media management consist of creating new post to keep your followers engaged, updating your page info, replying to comments on your post, “like, comment and follow” relevant people, and optimising your page description to appear on the search result. From just $500/month, consult our digital marketing specialist to find out more today!

Facebook & Instagram Management Promo

  • FREE consultation on Instagram marketing direction and mood board
  • 1x product service photography with 12 – 36 photos
  • Photo editing (all photos)
  • 3x content posting per week (12 – 14 posting per month)
  • Messenger auto-reply setup (up to 10 Q&A)
  • 1 assigned account manager for immediate support
  • FREE 600 words SEO-optimised article when subscribe with us for 1st 3 months
  • FREE 1x 15 seconds story advertisement when subscribe with us for 6 months
  • FREE 1x video production when subscribe with us for 1 year
  • All video includes a $100 ad credit on Epic Media Social Media Pages

= $500/month only!

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Social Media Management Company in Singapore

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Social Media Advertising

Gain exposure through the distribution of compelling photos and videos on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It is proven that a good video marketing creates a better brand exposure and higher conversion rates that anything else!

Social Media Advertising Agency Singapore

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15 second Story Video Advertisement

Create brand awareness and engage your fans with a short 15 seconds story video advertisement! By creating a portrait video, we capture the attention of your target audience in the first 3 seconds of the video, and create a swipe up call-to-action to convert your audience into leads or customers!

Keynote Video Advertisement

We notice how people love to read and watch at the same time, which is why Keynote video advertisement works best for social media platform. One of the reason is that there are many users who do not wish to on their sound while scrolling through social media. Keynote video creates a loud caption that captures your target audience, and also large subtitles throughout the video.

Interview Video Advertisement

One of the growing trend that get tons of views and engagement is by having interview video advertisement concept on social media platform! Create a personal touch and bridge a connection with your customers by sharing your personal business journey. We believe by sharing the love and passion of your business, you can get people to share your business story through word of mouth, and also inspire young entrepreneurs at the same time!



Influencer Marketing

Focus your marketing activities on influential people (such as bloggers/influencers and celebrities) with your target audience. With their support, your products and services will reach out to more people and appear to be more credible to your target market.

Influencer Marketing in Singapore


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Messenger Automation

Crete an instant auto reply message or comment that answers your potential customers immediately. You can also choose to have your potential customers to contact you or visit your websites for more information via a simple click of a button.

Messenger Chat Automation Service Singapore

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Interactive AR Stories Marketing

Imagine your potential customers holding a 3D product in their hands, answering simple questions by tilting their head, or your company customise background when using facebook or instagram filter… the possibilities are endless!

AR Filter Games for hire Singapore

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Here in Epic Media, we also provide google business marketing and event marketing services in Singapore as well! Simply contact us to find out how we can help create a successful marketing campaign for you today!

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