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Snake Charmer for Hire in Singapore

Snake Charmer for Hire in Singapore

Snake Charmer for Hire in Singapore

Looking for snake charmer for hire in Singapore? Epic Media offer the one and only snake charmer that has been practicing this art for more than 20 years! Our snake charmers will mingle around, handling the snakes in a safe way and guests will also be able to try handling these pythons that have been hand-fed from young. Usually, when you book our snake charmer in Singapore, he will bring along a large snake as well as a smaller one, so guests who are a little more scared can have their pictures taken with the smaller snake.

Snake Charmer for Hire in Singapore

Snake Charming is a rare art form and one of Singapore’s old time trades. Snake charmers were a popular tourist attraction in the 1950s and 1960s and they often performed outside hotels and other public places that were frequented by tourists such as Sentosa and Mount Faber. They have since become a rare sight in modern-day Singapore.

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Mr. Yusof Ular is a third-generation snake charmer in Singapore.  He learnt his trade since he was 6 years old from his father and uncle, who taught him not only how to handle snakes but also how to cater to the preferences of the audiences. Mr. Yusof faced many challenges at the start, including how to engage the older crowd. There were also others who were afraid or have a phobia for snakes.

Snake charming wasn’t always what Mr. Yusof wanted to do. He worked as a bus driver for 5 years and took up other odd jobs before he decided to go back to snake charming. He admits that it was not an easy decision. He had to adjust his mindset in order to combat the negative perceptions that some Singaporeans or tourists might have towards snake charmers. Over the years, Mr. Yusof encountered numerous situations where he was called unflattering names and was treated with disrespect. However, he constantly reminds himself that in his job, more often than not, he will only meet the same people once. 

Today, Mr. Yusof Ular is often invited to perform at events such as block parties and birthday parties. He acknowledges that he cannot be choosy and fussy over which jobs to take up. He incorporates educational elements in his performances in order to suit his younger audiences, and is today hugely popular among event organizers.


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