Mask Changing Artist for Hire in Singapore

Epic Media introduce mask changing artist for hire in Singapore! Face-Changing, aka 变脸 [bian lian], an ancient secret Sichuan Opera art form which originated around 1700, is one of the main highlight of the upcoming Chinese new year event.

Mask Changing Artist for Hire in Singapore

Mask Changing Artist for Hire

Performed by Alex Tan, a Singapore based magician with over 16 years of experience in the industry. He has entertained royalties, celebrities, politicians and everyday people across six countries in over 1800 performances and still counting. His corporate performances have been featured numerous times on TV and newspapers and praised by many organisations. Mediacorp TV produced and aired a 30-minute documentary on Alex’s Magic and illusions in 2003 on Channel 8 and TV Mobile. In year 2004, the same documentary was broadcasted to many parts of Asia on Channel News Asia.

Alex Tan Mask Changing Magician in Singapore

Alex’s Magical Mask Change / Bian Lian Act is a visual treat where the face of the performer undergoes stunning transformations at rapid speed. Equally rarely-seen oriental magic effects sprinkled throughout the fast-paced act makes it both delightful and exciting to watch for all. Don’t blink or you’ll miss the surprises.

China Face Mask Changing Show for Hire

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