Epic Media specialises is a digital marketing agency in Singapore and Cambodia, specialising in digital advertising,  social media strategy, influencer marketing, video production and print media. We believe incorporating the best aspects of a large marketing agency, and the flexibility of a small team to build great relationship with our clients, is the key to our success in the media industry.

Our team don’t rely on template strategies as we strongly believe every industry and company should have their own unique marketing approach. We create completely customised business marketing strategies based on your business goals and organisation boundaries. When necessary, we will re-strategise and pivot as your company evolves.

Digital marketing is the “go to way” for Singapore’s companies that aims to increase their presence in their industry and obtain more customers for their business. Epic Media offers a much more competitive pricing compared to larger agencies as we don’t work with any minimum budget. Our goal as a marketing agency is to ensure a truly collaborative partnership as an extension of your company’s marketing team. Below are the of different types marketing services we offer:

Digital Marketing Solutions

Content Marketing

Get your message out online through content marketing in Singapore. Epic Media has a dedicated content creation team ready to start working on well-written articles with best SEO practices in mind. We also partner with a few content sites to bring more traffic to your website as well.

Social Media Marketing

Bring potential customers to your website or Social Media Pages via Social Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Telegram. This online marketing strategy offers a more precise targeting of customers.

Digital Advertising(Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click (PPC), is a form of internet marketing strategy that places your website at the top of google search engine, and reaching out to your target customers on Social Media. We have plenty of data of what works, and what doesn’t, which will save you time and money over any other marketing agency.

Influencer Marketing

Focus your marketing activities on influential people (such as bloggers/influencers and celebrities) with your target audience. With their support, your products and services will reach out to more people and appear to be more credible to your target market.

Video Marketing

Gain exposure through the distribution of compelling videos on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It is proven that a good video marketing creates a better brand exposure and higher conversion rates that anything else!

Print Media Marketing

Nothing beats traditional marketing with print media marketing when you do it right! Name Cards, Invitation Card, Brochures, Banners, coupons, event tickets etc are all part of our print media package that ensure your business stands out from the rest!


We don’t just come up with ideas, we execute the ideas.

No one client is ever the same. Here in Epic Media, we are a team made up of only experienced and digital marketing strategists that truly understand the online marketing world. No interns or cheap offshore staff, you’re looking for trusted experts with a vested interest in your success. Our team comes up with custom marketing strategic and ideas, and execute it in the most effective and efficient way. We truly believe a good idea is not enough, executing a good idea in the right approach is what we do best.

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