As a trusted digital marketing agency in Singapore, Epic Media also offer event planning and event marketing services such such as corporate roadshow, corporate retreats, dinner and dance, family days, sports events and opening launch events in Singapore. Our event planner and team has more than 7 years in the events industry, creating epic event concept that will wow your guest. Our services include event conceptualisation & planning, technical stage productions & logistics, creative works & event decorations, execution & management, talents management & entertainment, gifts & premiums for all our clients.

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Top 1 Event Planning Company in Singapore

There are many factors when choosing the best event planner in Singapore that fits your needs. Time, energy, effort, and dedication in event management is to key to be the a trusted event company in our industry. We build event experiences that impress and inspire people, ensuring a smooth event flow with our excellent event coordinating team. Here in Epic Media, our team provides a low cost, quality event management and a one-stop reliable event solutions for all live corporate events.

Whether you are organising a small party or a large conference, event planning is a huge task! As a trusted event planning company in Singapore, our team will guide you throughout the process of planning and executing a successful event! Here our 10 steps event planner guide that our team and client follow:

Event Planning Services

  1. Define goals and objectives
  2. Establish an event budget
  3. Keeping the team organised
  4. Pick your venue and date
  5. Develop an event branding
  6. Planning of program line up
  7. Confirm your guests list
  8. Identify and select tools
  9. Coordinating with vendors
  10. Success measurement

Daikin Dinner and Dance Event

Event Management

Our professional event management team pulls together an incredible experience, coordinating with vendors, manage attendee information and communication, and measuring the success of your event. It may be a difficult job that involves working around the clock to create an unforgettable moment for your guest, but it’s a job that can be made a little easier by taking advantage of technology to ensure the process is run smoothly and efficiently.

Event management starts simply by having a theme, a plan and a goal. When your event has a purpose from the beginning, it  will drive content and the venue. Once a concept is draft out, our team will then coordinate with vendors, performers, influencers, designers, manpower and your team to bring the idea to live! When engaging our event management services, we will take care of every little details of your event, so you can enjoy the event as a guest!

Event management services

  • Coordinating with vendors
  • Managing attendee information and communication
  • Measuring success to prove ROI

Professional Emcee for Hire Singapore All Saint Home Walk Event

Event Marketing

Epic Media’s event marketing service for connects your brand or products to your target audience through unique experiences. From customising AR filters and games on Instagram to online advertising with our niche targeting strategy, we create anticipation and excitement around your pop-up or experiences through social media.

We didn’t want to create another tired work event… we want to create an experience! In our line of work, this sort of thing has a name for it… experiential marketing (also known as “engagement marketing”). It is a marketing strategy that invites an audience to interact with a business in a real-world situation by combining creative ideas with technology and gamification. By getting your target audience to participate hands-on with tangible branding material, the business can show its customers not just what the company offers, but what it stands for. Get your marketing campaign to go viral with us today!

Event Marketing services

  1. Instagram AR filters and games
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing Management
  4. Messenger Auto FAQ responds

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