Epic Media is the trusted Event Planning Company in Singapore. We specialised in Corporate events, team-building, corporate meeting, corporate retreats, dinner and dance, family days, sports events, roadshows and opening launch events in Singapore and Cambodia. With more than 7 years in the events industry, our services include event conceptualisation & planning, technical stage productions & logistics, creative works & event decorations, execution & management, talents management & entertainment, gifts & premiums for all our clients.

Event Planning

There are many factors when choosing the best event planner in Singapore that fits your needs. Time, energy, effort, and dedication in event management is to key to be the a trusted event company in our industry. We build event experiences that impress and inspire people, ensuring a smooth event flow with our excellent event coordinating team. Here in Epic Media, our team provides a low cost, quality event management and a one-stop reliable event solutions for all live corporate events.

Event Management


In-house Event Rental


Talents & Manpower


Ticketing Management System

  1. Auto unique QR Code generated upon ticket purchase online
  2. On-site event Ticket Scanner

Registration Management System

  1. QR Code online RSVP and on-site event registration system
    • For annual dinners, loyalty award ceremonies, family days, corporate events
    • For meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, awards, AGMs
  2. Digital lucky draw system
    • Live events
    • Promotional campaigns
  3. QR Code live voting system
  4. Digital carnival system
  5. Moderated Q&A platform

Queue Management System


Event Marketing

  1. Instagram AR filters and games
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing Management
  4. Auto FAQ responds






Ticketing Management System


Registration Management System


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